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The Megaphone: Connecting Stories for a Sustainable Future

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"Colombia is one of the top ten countries with most biodiversity in the planet. So, naturally,  I grew up surrounded by spectacular landscapes, endemic species and an abundance in natural resources. 

However, there was this contradiction between the vast amount of beauty and resources and the shocking levels of poverty especially in our rural regions. How is that possible? I always wondered. My life experiences, culture and natural curiosity got me interested in understanding these complex realities and what actions are needed to change it.  

That is how the sustainability movement became such an important part of my life. While  working on sustainability we see current issues from a holistic view, caring for a healthy planet, a just economy and strong communities, a movement that is relevant for all, no exceptions. 

Just as my personal story has inspired my vision and the work I do, our collectives stories are shaping the sustainability revolution we want to be part of in the Madison region." -Gloria Castillo, Sustain Dane

Sustain Dane and Living in Balance invite you to participate in The Megaphone
We believe in the power of our stories to inspire change. Centering our diversity as the greatest strength in our region, we know that our multiple stories and perspectives are fundamental tools to address the urgent needs of our communities.
The Megaphone aims to be a powerful community platform that provides the space and tools to craft and share our stories; people from different backgrounds, races, age, gender and geographies that are working on and want to inspire others to build a more sustainable and inclusive community. Share your sustainability story here! 
In early 2018, Sustain Dane and Living In Balance are offering two storytelling workshops for community members to provide practical tools on the art of storytelling with facilitators Jen Rubin of The Moth and Takeyla Benton of Listen To Your Mother. To celebrate the immense value of our lived experiences and empowering stories, participants, community members, families, our youth and neighbors will celebrate at the Megaphone Story Slam where, around delicious food, participants will share their stories in an intimate environment.
Get involved with The Megaphone:
  • If you had the opportunity to share your story to a fellow Madisonian, what story would you share? Share it here.

  • Join the conversation in Sustain Dane's Megaphone Facebook group! Share your story and connect to others with #TheMegaphone tag on Facebook and Twitter.

  • Read, watch, and listen to inspiring sustainability stories!

  • Soak in the latest news, media and highlights about the Megaphone!

  • More information? Contact .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

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