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Our Sustainability Stories


Sustain Dane’s collaboration with community members in our diverse programs has proven the power of storytelling art, as stories provide meaning and inspire change to address the urgent needs of our region.


"Our Sustainability Stories" is a community engagement tool that seeks to uncover and share the stories of individuals from different backgrounds, races, gender, geographies and nationalities who incorporate the principles of sustainability and wellbeing in their daily lives.  We know representation matters as it plays a fundamental role in breaking up stereotypes and making the sustainability movement a relevant one for the future of all people.


It is the power of our stories, our common experiences and unique realities that will push us to keep dreaming and working for a sustainable future for all. In that journey, art becomes that powerful catalyst, that unique and common language that unites us. Spoken words, movement, and images bring us together in an act that trespasses and disrupts the status quo.


Sustain Dane and local storytelling artists (Jen Rubin of The Moth and her team) will offer two engaging and dynamic workshops for community members to provide practical tools on the art of storytelling. By participating in these workshops, participants will gain valuable skills to craft and communicate their powerful personal stories. To celebrate the immense value of our lived experiences and empowering stories, participants, community members, families, our youth and neighbors will be invited to a fun Story Slam where, around delicious food, participants will share their stories in an intimate environment.


Participation in the two workshops and Story Slam is free for all participants. This space is created to give priority to women, people of color, members of the LGTBQ community,  immigrants, and other minority groups  in the Madison region.


If you are interested in participating in Sustain Dane’s "Our Sustainability Stories" Initiative, please sign up here to receive updates!