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Join Sustain Dane and Madison neighbors in bringing more neighborhood visions of sustainability to life for safer, healthier, more unified communities.  Donate today!

Sustain Dane unveils a prototype of smART at the Isthmus Green Day. Madison residents join us to paint their visions of a sustainable future.


Let’s time travel 60 years into the future. What does your neighborhood, your city, or your state look like? Take a few minutes to envision what you want, what you would need for a vibrant and sustainable future. Using your ideas, Sustain Dane can more effectively work to identify and undertake the steps we need to take to ensure that your aspirations become reality, to ensure that future generations may enjoy the same or a higher quality of life that we do. Enter smART [sustainability + madison +art], our newest sustainable neighborhood initiative, that will allow Sustain Dane to capture that vision on neighborhood and city levels so we can achieve a collective vision for sustainability in Madison.

smART [sustainability + madison + art] is a major community-based art initiative designed to engage Madison residents in envisioning a sustainable, just, and healthy future for their own neighborhoods and communities. We think that this initiative has the potential to bring together people in ways that truly strengthen the social fabric, sustainability, and resilience of our neighborhoods.

smART is in line with the City of Madison Sustainability goals, announced in 2011, to “integrate environmental sustainability into Madison’s art program and art and design into the city’s sustainability efforts”.

The uniqueness of smART is that community generated dialogue around sustainability will produce a collaborative and high quality piece of art painted by the residents of the neighborhood, in their neighborhood, and for their neighborhood over the next few years. These facilitated conversations provide a safe space for Madisonians to share a diversity of creative ideas, ultimately enhancing a resilient sense of community. These citizen-imagined and painted murals further the process of community engagement and place-making by providing a tangible reflection of the residents’ collective vision, which is often lacking in sustainability work, that can then serve as both a visual map for residents and a conscious-raising tool for onlookers.

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