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Join Sustain Dane and Madison neighbors in bringing more neighborhood visions of sustainability to life for safer, healthier, more unified communities.

Your gift helps us expand  our network of sustainability champions into new neighborhoods, using art as a tool to inspire neighborhood action across Madison.

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"Awakening," the newest community-created smART mural at the Darbo Worthington Salvation Army

At the core of sustainability are vibrant communities. At Sustain Dane we’re working alongside neighbors to form more connected, healthy, and beautiful neighborhoods for all of Madison’s residents. Sustain Dane’s smART program creatively weaves together conversation, art, and leadership development to empower residents of diverse neighborhoods to identify and pursue sustainability goals.

In the program’s first year we worked alongside neighbors from Darbo-Worthington in re-imagine what a sustainable future looks like. Over 100 residents, community leaders, and kids created their common vision over shared food at an outside community gathering. These visions were then transformed by neighborhood artists and a lead artist into the design of the mural. Over several months, youth groups, parents, and neighbors came together to paint the large mural which now hangs on the back wall of the community center on Darbo Dr. At the mural installation, Darbo-Worthington came back together to celebrate their hard work over the last year and continue taking the steps to reach that vision.

Imagine a community with a common vision for sustainability, where a healthy and united future is a priority, where we care for our community and our planet, where public art is painted by and for the community, where neighbors are taking action for sustainable futures together and collaborating with neighborhoods across the county.