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Start a Study Circle!

Like a book club, a "study circle" brings together friends, neighbors, and work colleagues to discuss specific topics -- from eating habits to reduction of carbon emissions -- and then provides recommendations for simple and realistic lifestyle changes. Aided by workbooks and curriculum from the Northwest Earth Institute, participants work together in several easy, collaborative sessions. 

The Northwest Earth Institute has been producing sustainability study guides for more than 15 years, with a proven track record of success: 90% of participants surveyed report that the resources inspired personal changes, and 75% reported reduced household energy and water consumption.

Download these simple tips and resources that will help you bring together a Study Circle in your neighborhood, at your school, or your workplace.

There are many topics and workbooks to choose from. Some current popular selections include:

HUNGRY FOR CHANGE (4-6 sessions): Using discussion prompts and worksheets, participants consider their own food habits in terms of ecological and ethical limits.

CHOICES FOR SUSTAINABLE LIVING (7 sessions): This curriculum helps participants define what sustainability can and does mean, and how to conduct specific parts of their lifestyles to better align with that definition.

GLOBAL WARMING: CHANGING COURSE (4 sessions): Designed for workplaces or community centers, this workbook considers how personal habits can be changed to reduce carbon emissions.