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2016 MPower Resources

Here you'll find documents, links, and other resources from the 2016 MPower Sustainability Sessions.

April, 2016 Program Orientation and the Natural Step Training

2016 MPower Orientation Presentation
Four Conditions in the Workplace
Guide to the Project Plan
Guiding Questions for the Four System Conditions
MPower Project Plan Worksheet
MPower Resource Directory
Sustainability Session Tracking Form
Team Roles and Responsibilities
Team Vision and Goals Worksheet

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May, 2016 Sustainability Session 1: Alternative Transportation

SS#1: Alternative Transportation Slide Deck
Guest Presentation: Transportation & Commute Solutions - Renee Callaway
How To Create a Bike Commuter Culture in the Workplace
Alternative Transportation Decision Guide & Calculator
Petroleum Reduction Planning Tool
IdleBox Toolkit for Idle-Reduction Projects
U.S. EPA - SmartWay Program
Madison B-Cycle
Wisconsin Bike Fed
Wisconsin Clean Cities
Rideshare, Etc.
Bike Friendly Business Certification
Bicycle Benefits
Regional Transportation Plan 2050
Wisconsin State Energy Office - Fuels & Vehicles
Madison Metro - Commute Card
Coach USA
Case Study - Bicycling to Work at Quality Bicycle Products
Employer's Guide to a Commute Solutions Program
How to Commute Without Your Car Tipsheet

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June, 2016 Sustainability Session 2: Waste Reduction


July, 2016 Sustainability Session 3: Energy Efficiency for Facilities

SS#3: Energy Efficiency for Facilities Slide Deck
Guest Presentation: Energy Management for Dummies - Dick Pearson
Guest Presentation: Focus on Energy Business Programs - Mark Lydon
Action Table Worksheet
Energy Management Baseline Questionaire 
Energy Star - Energy Efficiency for Facilities
Focus on Energy - For Your Business
GSA: Energy Efficiency Resources
Managing Energy Costs in Office Buildings
MG&E Building Energy Use Comparison
MG&E Green Power Tomorrow for Businesses
Seventhwave - Free Webinars on Energy Efficiency
U.S. DOE - Better Buildings
U.S. SBA - Energy Efficiency

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August, 2016 Sustainability Session 4: Green IT


September, 2016 Sustainability Session 5: Water Stewardship

October, 2016 Sustainability Session 6: Sustainable Food Choices

December, 2016 Sustainability Session 7: Project Updates

SS 7: Project Updates and Communications Slide Deck
WECC Presentation
MPower Communications Style Guide
MPower Logo
MPower Badge
Communications Plan Template
MPower Public Showcase Slide Template
7 Super Tips for Creating Powerful Infographics
How do Companies Market Sustainability Initiatives?
7 Effective Social Media Best Practices for Business
5 Tips for Creating a Sustainability Story that Sticks
20 Social Media Marketing Tips from the Pros
5 Types of Sustainability Marketing Tactics Corporate Execs Need to Understand, and Utilize, Better

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