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2017 MPower Resources

Here you'll find documents, links, and other resources from the 2017 MPower Trainings and Sustainability Sessions.

April, 2017 Program Orientation and the Natural Step Training

2017 MPower Orientation Slide Deck
Four System Conditions in the Workplace
Guiding Questions for the Four System Conditions
ABCD Scenario Worksheet
Sustainability Session Tracking Form
Energy Stewards Set Up Worksheet
MGE Customer Release Form
Madison Water Utility Disclosure Form
MPower Resource Directory
Project Plan Worksheet
Guide to the Project Plan
Roles & Responsibilities
Green Team Meeting Tips
Team Vision and Goals Worksheet
Ecosystem services Fact Sheet

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May, 2017 Sustainability Session 1: Alternative Transportation


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June, 2017 Sustainability Session 2: Waste Reduction


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July, 2017 Sustainability Session 3: Energy Efficiency for Facilities


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August, 2017 Sustainability Session 4: Green IT

September, 2017 Sustainability Session 5: Water Stewardship

October, 2017 Sustainability Session 6: Sustainable Food Choices

December, 2017 Sustainability Session 7: Project Updates


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February, 2018 Sustainability Session 8: Moving Forward