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Step Up: Equity Matters

The path to creating a sustainable society that works for ALL people begins inside each of our own hearts and minds as we seek to understand our own biases and stereotypes.

Step Up: Equity Matters is a safe place for our community to learn, discover and mastermind together to raise awareness and inspire action around equity and diversity in the workplace. We offer workshops that focus on equity in the workplace with the promise of diving deep and being real. The goal is to increase diversity in our workplace, the board room, the executive and leadership teams and find solutions to create an inclusive, welcoming and thriving work environment for all. It isn’t just teaching people about cultural competency and inclusivity, it is about creating a company culture that embraces diversity in all aspects of its operations.

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Step Up: Equity Matters Planning Team

Step Up is a collaborative effort by the individuals and organizations listed below, with the guidance and expertise from many, many more!

  • Sara Alvarado, Alvarado Real Estate Group
  • Carolina Bailey, Madison College
  • Tania Ibarra, Summit Credit Union & Latino Professional Association
  • Amy Kesling, Sustain Dane
  • Gregg Potter, Project Kinect

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