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Collaborating closely with schools and community partners across the region since 2009, Sustain Dane aims to foster sustainable schools that nurture the next generation of sustainability champions.

Sustain Dane understands that schools are central to the strength of our community, economy, and planet. As a neighborhood hub of engagement and learning, schools provide opportunities for inspiring, connecting, and supporting students, parents, educators, and community members to achieve their maximum potential as change-makers. When a school operates in a sustainable fashion, it fosters the holistic wellbeing of its students, employees, and neighbors; it is a responsible steward of community resources; and it models behavior for future generations.

After developing outdoor classroom infrastructure in 15 schools across Dane County with the GROW Coalition in 2012-15, Sustain Dane is focused on ensuring that more students have meaningful and effective outdoor learning experiences that expand educational achievement, healthy relationships, and a strong connection to nature. Rooted in expansive evidence of the many benefits of outdoor learning in multiple development domains, our team hopes to support educators and community members in addressing the needs of the whole child through creative and impactful outdoor learning experiences.

In order to achieve our vision of Big ‘S’ Sustainability, our region must work towards sustainable schools that cultivate strong connections to each other, to nature, and to the self.