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Outdoor Learning Network

Comprised of diverse local educators, parents volunteers, and district leaders, the Outdoor Learning Network works to promote, support, and expand outdoor learning.

The Outdoor Learning Network provides a space where peer-learning can thrive -- educators and community members share success stories and strategies for increasing the effectiveness of their outdoor learning lessons. The Network connects educators in schools to resourcesin the community to foster collaboration, overcome obstacles, and meet the needs of the whole child through meaningful outdoor learning experiences.

Sustain Dane hosts three, free annual Outdoor Learning Network meetings with creative programs to inspire peer-learning, coach best practices, and connect educators and engaged community members with helpful resources on outdoor learning strategies. These meetings specifically address the most common challenges educators face when engaging students in outdoor learning.

Outdoor Learning Network 2017 Meetings: 

  • Overcoming Behavioral Challenges in Outdoor Learning – Spring 2017
  • Connecting Outdoor Learning to Classroom Content – Summer 2017
  • Procuring Funding for Your Outdoor Classroom – Fall 2017

Educators, parents, volunteers, neighbors, and District leaders - you're invited to join the Outdoor Learning Network!