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of Dane County.

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Recycle Better

Have you ever paused at the recycling bin and wondered if what you’re throwing out is actually recyclable, or what will happen to it after it’s picked up? You’re not alone! In the City of Madison about 12.8% of what goes into recycling bins is actually trash, and about 13% of material in the Dane County landfill could be recycled. Recycling keeps valuable material out of the landfill, saves energy and money, and avoids the environmental impact of extracting new materials. This program is brought to you in partnership with the City of Madison with support from The Carton Council. Discover some recycling fast facts on our Recycle Better page.

Upcoming Programs

Oct 24
Sustain Dane Volunteer Day at the Farley Center
Farley Center - 2299 Spring Rose Road, Verona, WI 53593
Nov 18
Sustain Dane Summit: Weaving Stories of Change
Monona Terrace Community and Convention Center &/or Virtually - 1 John Nolen Drive, Madison, WI 53703

Sustainability Stories

We received so many amazing nominations for the 2021 Live Forward Awards! These awards recognize the innovation and change happening in our own neighborhoods. Read on to learn more about this group of changemakers and inclusive leaders who are promoting local sustainability and community well-being. Join us at the 2021 Summit on November 18 to celebrate them and hear from the winners.

T.L. Luke always wanted to be an artist. From a young age she knew “I’m going to be an artist, and there’s nothing else I want to do.” Determined to make this dream a reality, in 2018 she began pursuing art full time. Her website T.L. Luke Art houses comics, illustration prints, paintings, murals, and more. 

The aviation industry has allowed people to connect with every part of the world in a matter of hours; it has brought people and cultures together from opposite poles; it has allowed us to feel closer to our families and friends even if we are countries away, and so much more. Read on to learn about the carbon footprint of flying and what you can do.