Ideas for Organizations

Are you looking for sustainability project ideas at your business or organization? The list below is compiled from past successful initiatives at local businesses and recommended best practices. There are seven project areas energy efficiency, renewable energy, transportation, material waste, water, and equity and social well-being.

At Sustain Dane, we believe sustainable actions support a healthy environment, equity & social well-being, and a just economy. By focusing on the triple bottom line and ESG (environmental, social, and governance) principles, sustainable businesses not only make our community a better place by protecting the environment, they also see improved business outcomes such as financial savings, increased staff morale, and better market positioning. Below are some of the top actions we’ve seen through our work to support sustainability at local organizations. Many strong programs begin with (1) gathering employees that are interested in working on sustainability into a committee, (2) assessing current operations, and then (3) creating a plan with goals to make those operations more sustainable. Remember that sustainability is a process, not an endpoint. There’s always an area to improve upon or another action to take.

Reach out to Lorenza to get started on your sustainability project goals, and attend our next Accelerate Sustainability Workshop for more project support.

Ask yourself a few questions to get started picking a project.

  • What project are you most energized to work on, and where do you see the most opportunities at your organization?
  • Who can you get on your team, and who will you need approval or support from?
  • How will you track the impact, and what are the project milestones?

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