Sustain Dane Programs

Sustain Dane programs help you prioritize and implement sustainability actions. We welcome you wherever you are in your sustainability journey and celebrate your unique experiences and perspectives.

Launch Sustainability in Your Organization

This professional development workshop is designed to help you accelerate sustainability whether you’re brand new to the subject or well versed. You will complete the workshop with at least three sustainability initiatives to implement at your organization. Gain knowledge and inspiration to be a sustainability changemaker. Workshops in development for February, May, and September. Sign up to be notified when the workshop goes live.

“Sustain Dane is taking a holistic approach to sustainability in our community with programming for businesses, schools, and community members alike. We all have a responsibility to this community and this world and Sustain Dane is here to hold us accountable.”

—Alex Lindenmeyer, Short Stack Eatery

Sustainable Breakfast Series

The Sustainable Breakfast Series highlights current sustainability topics through expert speakers, case studies, and skill-building opportunities. Breakfast meetings are attended by regional business leaders and individuals who care about integrating environmental, social, and economic sustainability into their professional and personal actions. Meetings convene quarterly, currently scheduled for January, April, July, and October. Sign up for our newsletter to be notified about our next Sustainable Breakfast Meeting.

SBN members listen to presentation on UW-Health’s sustainability initiatives presented by Tom Thompson.

Speakers Jay A. Patel, Lauren Yang, and JD Stier at our “Sustainability & You = Social Impact” Sustainable Breakfast series meeting.

Members convene at the Wisconsin Energy Institute to explore issues surrounding environmental justice in our community.

Green Team Network

Connect with members of other established or emerging green teams and sustainability committees. Participate in peer-to-peer learning sessions share best practices, overcome roadblocks, and elevate your projects to advanced levels. You will gain professional development, leadership opportunities, and strengthen relationships with other members. Meetings scheduled for March, June, September, and December. Sign up to be notified.

“I support Sustain Dane because they multiply their impact through partnerships with businesses and communities promoting sustainability. Improving our environment and quality of life is a collaborative process.”

—Seth Nowak, Individual Member

Sustain Dane Summit

& Live Forward Awards

The Sustain Dane Summit is an interactive program and unparalleled forum for you to connect, share ideas, reflect, and learn new skills to lead and inspire change. Strengthen relationships with a community of peers and work together to identify ways to bring together ecological sustainability, social equity, community wellbeing, and leadership in our organizations and in the region. Join us at the Sustain Dane Summit 2019: Regenerate for Wellbeing.

96% of attendees said they gained new knowledge about sustainability issues, emergent leadership, and youth activism.

97% of attendees understand the need to promote inclusive leaderships in the sustainability movement after attending.

90% of attendees learned that art, music, humor, and storytelling are impactful strategies to make change.

Sustainability Stories

Sustain Dane’s Sustainability Stories platform amplifies the voices of people from different backgrounds, races, ages, genders and geographies that are working on and want to inspire others to build a more sustainable and inclusive community. Share your sustainability stories with us, and be inspired by other people’s stories.

Holly Hollister (left) and Dina Nina Martinez (right) share their stories at a Sustain Dane story slam.

Networking and Social Events

Relaxed and fun environment to enjoy time with other sustainability champions. Past events include; happy hours, bike tours, Ian’s Pizza and Short Stack Eatery gatherings, Live on King watch party, and more. Follow us on Facebook to join us at our next social event.

Bikers take a one-of-a-kind neighborhood tour of local sustainability success stories.

Upcoming Sustain Dane Programs

Nov 19
Sustain Dane Summit 2019: Regenerate for Wellbeing
5445 E Cheryl Pkwy - 5445 East Cheryl Parkway, Fitchburg, WI 53711