Master Recycler

Have you ever paused at the recycling bin and wondered if what you’re throwing out is actually recyclable, or what will happen to it after it’s picked up? Then our award-winning Master Recycler program is made for you.

We developed this program in partnership with the City of Madison. The program will give you the tools you need to teach your family, neighbors, friends, and coworkers how to improve recycling and community sustainability. Each session has two 90-minute classes which together enable you to become a Master Recycler.

This program is part of our broader efforts for better recycling in the region. Read fun facts and learn how to recycle better.

Master Recycler Participants

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Join us for our next Master Recycler program to learn the ins and outs of our local recycling system and get your recycling questions answered. Join the 737 participants that have reached 66,991 people with recycling knowledge since 2021.

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Wednesday, July 12, 6:30 PM—8:00PM

Wednesday, July 19, 6:30 PM—8:00PM