Middleton Efficiency Navigator Program – Apply Now 

Are you a rental property owner interested in maintaining long-term housing affordability for your residents? Working closely with the City of Middleton, the Efficiency Navigator program helps small apartment housing become more efficient while reducing operating costs to owners and utility bills for residents. Buildings selected to participate are eligible to receive funding to cover the cost of recommended measures.

Submit an application as a property owner or recommend your building as a resident. Application review starts March 1, 2023 – apply now.

 Program Highlights 

  • Grant funding for recommended energy improvements 
  • Team member walks you through each step to completion  
  • Contractor selection and scheduling 
  • Contractors paid directly for eligible measures 
  • Reduce tenant turnover with lower energy bills and more comfortable units 

Potential Recommended Measures

  • Attic, sidewall, and pipe insulation and air-sealing
  • High efficiency HVAC system optimizations
  • ENERGYSTAR certified appliance replacements
  • Water conservation upgrades
  • Health and safety improvements

Eligibility Criteria

  • 2-8 units, renter-occupied
  • Unsubsidized (buildings with Section 8 voucher holders are eligible for the program)
  • Address in Middleton
  • Tenants pay for gas and electric utilities
  • Properties are current on property tax payments
  • Property owner commits to maintaining affordable rent at HUD Fair Market Rent Value for at least 5 years post-implementation (please see chart below or check on the HUD website)

HUD Fair Market Rent Value for 2023 (value adjusted annually by HUD to reflect inflation)

Middleton Zip Codes: FY 2023 SAFMRs by Unit Bedrooms  
ZIP Code  Efficiency  One-Bedroom  Two-Bedroom  Three-Bedroom  Four-Bedroom 
53562  $1,000  $1,180  $1,370  $1,800  $2,030 
53717  $1,070  $1,250  $1,460  $1,920  $2,160 

Additional Considerations

We strongly encourage applications for buildings where utility bills are a challenge for residents, and for those that house children, seniors, or otherwise vulnerable populations. 

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