In December, my elementary age son started at a new afterschool program that is located within a ten minute walk of our house. With working from home most days and my commitment to reducing car travel, I am walking to pick him up at the end of the day. Total vehicle miles reduced is approximately 6 miles per week, or about 140 miles estimated for the rest of the school year. Not a huge number, but definitely a step in the right direction. The other wonderful impact is that my son and I have extra quality time on the walks home together. When we are walking he is talkative and playful (more so than when in the car). I get hear extra tidbits of stories about his day and we stop at a tree swing on the terrace of a neighbor’s house for a few pushes and laughs before getting home. It’s also important to me that he experiences walking for commuting/transportation and will be a familiar/enjoyable way for him to live sustainably as he grows.

Climate Action Respondent Dec 2021