Since I have already been taking action in the categories of food, transportation, and investments for the past few years, energy seemed like the best thing for me to focus my efforts on. I live in an apartment which means I am unable to make any serious changes to the energy infrastructure, but I have been making small changes that I hope to turn into lifelong habits. This includes getting my landlord to insulate the windows in my apartment in order to save on heat, only keeping lights on when they are absolutely necessary, and unplugging appliances when they are not being used. Although these actions may not be as grand as others, incorporating them into my daily life and encouraging my roommates to do the same has empowered me to continue making incremental changes where I can. As I am not currently a homeowner or investor, I hope that by making these energy-saving actions habitual, these habits will carry over when I do have a home and investments.
— Climate Commitment Respondent Jan 2021