2021 became the year in my household to stop talking and finally make the change from a gas powered to an electric lawn mower. With the gas mower on it’s last hurrah, it only made sense to purchase the green choice when we will continue to have lawn to mow even though we work toward reducing grass areas by adding native/pollinator plants. Besides no longer polluting with gas and oil, an added benefit to an electric mower/snow blower is that it can be stored much easier, freeing space in the garage. The mower can be stored on end, and because no gas/oil is involved, the unit can be safely stored in a home area without a fire wall (we have a garden storage space as part of the back of our house but in the past could only store the mower in the garage for safety). The mower change actually followed our decision to purchase an electric snow blower (same brand so batteries can be shared). As we get older, we decided to be prepared for safer snow removal (up to now we have only used shovels which we will continue to do for light snowfall), especially following joint replacements for both of us…..you can thank us for very little snow so far in the Madison area as we were ready! Confession: we also felt a bit of peer pressure with the mower as we have 2 new neighbors who both use an electric mower; nothing like firing up a noisy gas unit when the neighbors are humming quietly along.