I take my commitment to this planet pretty seriously. I mostly drive an electric vehicle (powered mostly by the sun!). I’m working on a tiny house which will be solar-powered & off-grid. I recently opened a checking account with Greenpenny, bought bonds through Legacy Solar Co-op, and I am actively working on moving all of my investments away from sources that don’t align with my values. It’s import to me to avoid as much plastic as I can and to Recycle Everything! And that leads me to the Ripple Effect. I know my friends may be sick of my constant eco talk, but they keep hanging out with me, so I guess I’m not too insufferable. I want to cause a ripple, and I want to connect to people meaningfully on these issues and help them find a solution or solutions for lowering their footprint. So if you want to talk solutions, let’s do this. The image is one of the ways I tackle my current lifestyle carbon emissions, by subscribing to monthly Solar Renewable Energy Certificates.

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—Elise Couillard