I chose the most challenging for me out of the choices – food. I grew up working on a dairy and beef farm and have a strong love for agriculture and the memories that I have. I never worked on a factory farm and all of our animals were treated well up until the point of slaughter. I honestly don’t know how the slaughter was, as I never went to Equity as it was too difficult to say goodbye to my friends. So to be able to work on this goal, I have started researching and reading about factory farms. The first book I am currently reading is The Ethics of What We Eat by Peter Singer and Jim Mason (found secondhand). I am only in about a quarter of the way but am learning a lot. I already try to do Meatless Sundays, and the reason it’s not Mondays, is that I tend to share a photo and the recipe with TDS’ Green Associate Resource Group on Mondays.