I have succeeded in my Transportation goal, in a somewhat roundabout way (Get it? Roundabout?? Transportation??? Anyway…). Originally I had planned to use the Madison MPO RoundTrip program to identify fellow carpoolers to avoid single-occupancy vehicle (SOV) trips out to Sun Prairie. I found this challenging to accomplish, mostly because I am set in my ways and enjoy my irregular schedule (I start mornings slow and have two dogs to contend with). I decided to pivot and implemented a different strategy: telecommuting 3-4 days a week (I have adjusted my schedule in Sun Prairie to consolidate in-person meeting days), and I’ve also taken to riding my e-bike out when the weather is right and I’m ready for a challenge (~30 miles roundtrip). So far this approach has significantly reduced my total vehicle miles traveled (VMT) and also saves me about 45 minutes of commuting each day I’m able to telecommute; resulting in many benefits (fuel savings, time savings, emissions reductions, wear and tear on my vehicle).

—Scott Semroc