Our green team met in February of 2020 with plenty of lofty goals, one of which was to start an office compost. Not long after starting our research, the pandemic set in and that goal was pushed to the bottom of our priorities. As things began opening back up in 2021, we revisited our plans, eager to pick up where we left off. With a large number of remote staff and figuring out office logistics, we had to hit the pause button a bit longer. Now, almost two years exactly from our first green team meeting, we have a 5-gallon bucket filling up quickly with everything (compostable, of course) from coffee grounds and filters to veggie and fruit scraps. For many of our team members, including myself, this is a first for composting. It’s been a really great learning opportunity, and very exciting to check off a big goal on the sustainability list!

—Colleen Sovey