We had solar panels installed on our garage — in 2021, we produced just over 5 MWh of electricity! We also live right on the southwest bike path and our garage (and solar panels) are very visible to anyone going eastbound towards the Capitol on the bike path So, we decided that perhaps we can use the visibility to encourage other people to consider solar power, and thought about what kind of signage we could put up. I was initially kind of hesitant to do anything, because I’m not entirely a big fan of calling attention to ourselves. However, our location is too good to pass up this opportunity. My husband painted a 4’x8′ piece of particleboard white, and I painted on the words “Go Solar!” with some yellow embellishments. It’s a very handmade looking sign, but we nailed up on the side of our garage, and you really can’t miss it. People see it everyday; some even yell out “Go Solar!” as they walk or bike past. In just a year, we have become the “Go Solar!” house. I know that not everyone has the means to purchase solar panels, but I hope that our little sign gives peoples the opportunity about where they get their energy from, and consider ways to make a positive impact. —Jeannette LeZaks